2019 activity program in the Riserva dello Zingaro

Like every year, the Zingaro Nature Reserve offers a series of activities dedicated to the knowledge of the reserve and the rediscovery of ancient traditions.

Activities related to thematic trekking, speleology, birdwatching, courses of intertwining with the leaves of the dwarf palm and watercolor.

24 March
Path of orchids. (Expert and Reserve Operators)

07 April
Exploring the Reserve. (Reserve Operators)

13 - 14 APRIL
CIRS speleological meeting
Only for subscribers to the event

20 APRIL - 12 MAY
Scientific field of ringing of sedentary and migratory birds (LIPU ALCAMO)
Only for subscribers to the event

05 May
One day with the LIPU (Operators Reserve - LIPU)

18 - 19 MAY
Masters of yesterday and today in the ancient art of the Reserve: the plot

25 - 26 MAY
Interweaving course. (Reserve Operators)

22 -23 JUNE
Interweaving course. (Reserve Operators)

20 -21 JULY
Interweaving course (Reserve Operators)

24 -25 AUGUST
I paint nature in watercolor. (Riserva operators and expert watercolorist)

Interweaving course (Reserve Operators)


Zingaro Nature Reserve

tel.+34 871 714 117

e-mail: info@riservazingaro.it

The program could be modified or changed.

course gypsy reserve plot
Course interweaving in the Riserva dello Zingaro

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