Castellammare del Golfo

An amphitheater on the sea, Castellammare del Golfo, which, as its name already announces, overlooks the homonymous gulf, the largest in Sicily.
Its impressive Castle, Arab-Norman, it is the undisputed symbol, its beautiful stairways offer fascinating views, the high bastions above the harbor while beautiful churches soar above the urban fabric. A city, where every corner, tells something of its thriving past.

Overview of Castellammare del Golfo

Castellammare is located at 10 kilometers from the South entrance of the Nature Reserve Oriented by the Zingaro.

Born as a commercial port of the ancient Segesta, continued to be for the Phoenicians and then for the Romans, but even if its history has its roots in Sicily more ancient, Castellammare, today, is a young and sparkling city, especially in summer.
Let yourself be involved in the movida which takes place a few steps from the sea, including restaurants and nightclubs, pubs and cafes, music and the smell of salt.
In this extraordinary living room of the city, a very suggestive event is organized, the Historical re-enactment of the miracle of the Madonna del Soccorso, which flew the enemy ships in the 1718. On the day of the 13th July, a fantastic game on the sea, lights and fireworks, is repeated every two years conquering everyone.

What to see in Castellammare del Golfo

Heart of the city the port, from which you can admire the picturesque amphitheater urban fabric. Here is the fascinating and impressive Castle, today a museum pole.
Strongly impressive in appearance with the artillery tower and the beautiful late Gothic portal, there is an extraordinary scala medieval spiral. The Museum pole it is divided into sections dedicated to archeology, maritime activities, the Madonna del Soccorso and the various films and spots that have seen these places chosen as locations.
Many are the stairways that from the port reach the highest areas of the city, the most characteristic is that which reaches Piazza Castello from Porta Marina, full of fantastic views of the sea.
Take a moment to visit the Mother Church of Castellammare del Golfo of 1500, completed in Baroque style around the 1727 and dedicated to the Patroness of the City, the Madonna del Soccorso.

Faraglioni di Scopello and the ancient tonnara

Beyond the promontory to the west, which separates the city from the Faraglioni of Scopello, you will discover a coast full of surprises, tongues lined with pine trees, scenic sea views, lonely towers, cliffs covered with prickly pears and creeks that open into the rock. And the blue sea, a frame below you. Magical places.
Do not miss the view of Castellammare del Golfo from the Belvedere, stop in the delicious Borgo di Scopello to taste the famous Pane Cunzato and do not forget a photo of the Faraglioni of the Tonnara, location of Ocean's Eleven.

A few more miles and you will find yourself in the marvelous Riserva dello Zingaro (South side) from which paths can only be traveled on foot.

Forget the noise of cars and the chaos of the city ... here begins paradise!

From the port of Castellammare, many boat trips depart every day Riserva dello Zingaro, but you can also rent a boat to visit the coast independently.

The picturesque port of Castellammare del Golfo

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