Boat trip along the coast of the Riserva naturale dello Zingaro

I've heard a lot about the Riserva dello Zingaro, I saw beautiful images of its sea and its beautiful Mediterranean vegetation, I knew that it was a natural oasis of particular beauty, so when in July I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend in San Vito Lo Capo I decided to visit it too.
But from the information found on the web I also knew that the walk along its paths, although not particularly demanding, would have been tiring with bag-fridge, umbrella and towels.
Also, my boys did not really want to walk.

the sea of Riserva dello Zingaro
The bathroom in front of the trap of Scopello

At this point a boat trip was the only way out, the only way to not miss a day in this magnificent place.
Fortunately my children also found the idea of ​​the excursion nice, even complaining about the morning alarm.

The sailing time from the tourist port of San Vito Lo Capo at the northern entrance of the reserve it was about 45 minutes. But time passes quickly by boat, the spectacle of the coast is so exciting with its towers, tuna and unexpected bays. From San Vito Lo Capo, the first beach of the Riserva dello Zingaro è Cala Tonnarella dell'Uzzo; when I saw all those people on the beach, relatively small but beautiful, I was really happy to have opted for the boat trip.

In a few minutes, in fact, the boat has moved to another beautiful bay, Cala del Uzzo, and we were free to make beautiful baths in a corner of the sea all for us.

I was surprised by the fact that my children, generally very critical, were fascinated by the crystal clear water and were among the first to dive.
The colors were incredible, the turquoise sea in contrast with the emerald green of the dwarf palms, right next to the shore, and the red-orange color of the rocks in contrast with the shimmering white pebbles on the shore.

The houses near the bay, no longer inhabited, seem to evoke the "simple life of the past", although one can imagine that it was not always an easy life.

Few trees in the reserve, especially olive and almond trees, but together with Palm nana give a touch of green to the classic Sicilian summer landscape. As if by magic a mule has sprouted among the rocks, which they explained to us, is used inside it Riserva dello Zingaro to collect the garbage: very picturesque!

Back on board, we took the opportunity to relax in the sun, while the boat continued its journey south, in the direction Scopello, giving us the view of the other beautiful coves of the reserve. Along the seven kilometers of coastline there are seven bays, or coves, but some of them can really only be reached by the sea. Before Cala della DisaOur guide told us that he was about an hour's walk from the two entrances. I forgot to mention that you can enter the reserve both from San Vito Lo Capo and from Scopello.

boat trips Zingaro reserve

Once again my choice to visit the Reserve on the boat seemed to me excellent! And even my children felt very fortunate to find themselves on a boat, rather than walking under the scorching sun.

Cala del Varo e Cala Capreria, leaning against a stretch of coast covered by a particularly lush vegetation are the last beaches before arriving at the Tonnara di Scopello.

Capreria being the first cala accessible from the south entrance is quite crowded, but still a real gem and you understand why so many people come here to enjoy its spectacular beauty.

Leave behind the seven bays, another magnificent glimpse opens before us ... the view of the stacks and of the Tonnara Scopello it leaves us breathless.

Yet another swim, among hundreds of fish and then back on board for the return trip.
On the way back to San Vito Lo Capo we sailed further from the coast and this allowed us to appreciate the mountainous landscape of the Reserve, its highest peaks reach ...

The mountains on the sea are a truly unique sight and I hope that one day I can explore the Reserve on foot.

Karen Reynolds

Mauro and Susan organize boat trips

Karen Reynolds went out on a boat with Hippocampus from San Vito Lo Capo.

Susan and Mauro they are happy to organize boat trips in the Riserva dello Zingaro.

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