The village of Scopello: when reality overcomes fantasy!

A fraction of Castellammare del Golfo, about one hundred inhabitants, every summer, receives the visit of thousands of tourists, seeing its population increased even twenty times. We are about 2 km from Zingaro Nature Reserve, one of the most beautiful protected areas in Sicily. Scopello, in his name contains what is probably the symbol of his magic: i stacks. From the Greek scopelos, or from the Latin scopulus - precisely "faraglioni" - hence the current name Scopello.

The tonnara of Scopello and its faraglioni
The tonnara of Scopello and its faraglioni

For those arriving it is practically impossible not to be dazzled by the magnificence of the nature that surrounds this town, with the most classic charm of the Sicilian maritime villages. With one of the tonnare more ancient, suggestive and important of Sicily, existing for about eight centuries and active up to sixty years ago.

It is difficult to try to describe in words the atmosphere that can be breathed in that village, only those who have already been there can understand.

Imagine waking up wrapped in a calm and silence interrupted only by the seagulls, open the window, let the sunlight enter and warm the room while you admire the majestic panorama that stands out in front of you: a crystal clear sea and imposing faraglioni make up a postcard reality. Essay would not grant pleasure only to the eyes, but also to the body; so why not go and touch everything with your hand and become the protagonists of this postcard?

Panorama on the trap of Scopello and the Gulf of Castellammare

And if you do not have the opportunity to sleep on site, you can always go by land in the car, or even by sea with a boat or a boat.

Spend the morning lying on the water's edge, with small pebbles that almost seem to massage you, or to swim to find the most hidden corners of the coast. For lunch you could also stop in one of the many Inns that cook typical dishes of the Trapani tradition, so as to give your taste the same sensations that the rest of your body has tasted in beach. And then again summer evenings that only small seaside villages can give.

Not a holiday, but an experience for mind e body.

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