Regulations of the Riserva dello Zingaro


- Art 2


In the territory of the reserve it is forbidden:

a) constructing new buildings or carrying out any other building transformation of the territory, including the opening of new roads, slopes, as well as enlargements, extensions and corrections of existing ones;

b) take sand, earth or other materials;

c) hunting, fishing and fishing.

If there are phenomena of excessive presence of some animal species, harmful to crops, the Managing Body can prepare withdrawal plans. The plans are carried out by the same Managing Body with the prior authorization of the Regional Land and Environment Authority after hearing the Regional Council for the Protection of Natural Heritage;

d) damage, disturb or capture vertebrate or invertebrate animals, collect and destroy nests and eggs;

e) removing or damaging plants or parts of them;

f) introduce animals or plants unrelated to the fauna and flora of the area. Any reintroduction of missing species must be authorized by the Regional Department of the Territory and the Environment, following the opinion of the Regional Council for the Protection of Natural Heritage;

g) introduce vehicles of any kind;

h) abandoning waste outside the appropriate containers;

i) lighting outdoor fires; I) to practice camping;

m) introduce hunting weapons, explosives and any means of destruction or capture;

n) introducing dogs even if on a leash or other domestic animals;

o) collect or tamper with rocks, fossils and minerals;

p) move away from the specially designed paths;

q) fencing property except with hedges to green and / or natural materials, with the exclusion of reinforced concrete curbs, posts or barbed wire

r) carry out advertising activities by posting posters and billboards not authorized by the Managing Body;

s) carry arms of any kind outside the houses except for personal defense and with the prescribed specific authorization of the Public Safety Authority outside the above hypotheses, in case of need to cross the reserve, weapons of any kind , they must be transported discharged and locked in a special case;

t) change the water regime;

u) exercise extractive activities;

v) access with motor boats in the territory of the Reserve;

z) burn stubble at a distance less than mt. 200 from the boundary of the Reserve.

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