San Vito Lo Capo, the village village

Beaches with crystal clear waters, cliffs overlooking the sea, Mediterranean scrubland as far as the eye can see and a cuisine with traditional flavors San Vito Lo Capo one of the most loved and visited sea places of the Sicily West.
Excellent choice for those who want to spend a beach holiday in total relaxation, no cars, just beautiful walks and at most a few bike rides through the village village streets.
The Mediterranean atmosphere, the mild climate even in winter and the natural beauties that surround it are a strong attraction not only for those who love the sea but also for lovers of outdoor activity. Crags for climbers, hiking trails, mountain bike trails and then snorkeling, surfing, paragliding ... and much more.

The sea and the beach of San Vito Lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo: what to see

Surely, one of the attractions of San Vito Lo Capo is the beautiful Sanctuary - Fortress built at the end of the fifteenth century around the original chapel dedicated to San Vito Martire, patron of the country, to protect it from attack by pirates.
But before arriving, the small chapel, in Moorish style, which seems to act as a sentinel to the seaside village, does not go unnoticed. chapel of Santa Crescenzia, of the XIII century. The young Vito, the nurse Crescenzia and the master Modesto are linked together by an ancient legend that saw them protagonists of an escape from the persecution of Diocletian in 303 AD
And then, numerous towers sighting and defense, the sixteenth century. majestic and fascinating in their solitary rise on the sea, they dot the coast almost uninterruptedly Monte Cofano reserve comes to the entrance of the Riserva dello Zingaro: Tower of the Tonnara di Cofano, Torre dell'Isulidda, the Torrazzo, Torre dell'Usciere, Torre dell'Impiso, even the Sanctuary has its own tower.
Do not miss a walk on the plain of the Egitarso that offers a beautiful panoramic view of the village, while for the more sporty we suggest to go back on foot Monte Monaco for a spectacular view of San Vito and the Gulf of Castellammare.

View of San Vito Lo Capo from the plain of the Ogitarso.

Just a few rays of sunshine, even out of season, and the sea of ​​San Vito Lo Capo takes colors that recall the Caribbean, never too cold waters, are inviting already in spring and the atmosphere that you breathe is always holiday.

San Vito Lo Capo: the beaches

But there are those who prefer a little less crowded places in the summer, so here is the list of the nearest beaches:
Baia Santa Margherita, a stretch of coast among the most beautiful and uncontaminated in Italy, 5 km of coastline where many coves open and wind the comfortable paths, also excellent to be covered with a stroller. Here is a beautiful golden sandy beach served in summer by a free train that accompanies along the coast.
Tonnara del Dry, just outside the village, a corner so rich in charm as history, a must, with its wonderful backdrops, for those who love snorkeling and diving.
Riserva dello Zingaro, to visit on foot or if you want also with a funny excursion by boat (daily departures from the port).

Ma San Vito Lo Capo it's not just sea, it's also great food to be savored in the numerous restaurants and takeaways in the village, where the natural predominates Fish cous cous.
Unmissable, if you can, a visit to the Cous Cous Fest in September, a magical moment that mixes together, like a couscous dish, food and traditions, music and entertainment, cultural integration and information.

To reach, from San Vito Lo Capo, the North Entrance of the Riserva naturale dello Zingaro, just follow the signs for the Tonnara del Secco and continue by car for about 20 minutes.

Moments of relaxation on the seafront
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