La Riserva dello Zingaro in a canoe, on a magnificent day in January.

in a canoe in the gypsy

It's a magnificent sunny day in January, the sea is flat, there's no wind. It is not rare in this part of Western Sicily. My kayak has been standing in the garage for too long. The opportunity is good to put it back in the water.

The sea of Riserva dello Zingaro has, among other things, the advantage of being very sheltered, thanks to the presence of a mountain system that follows the whole coast.

I put Kayak at sea a few kilometers before the Reserve, near the ancient tonnara of Secco, just after San Vito Lo Capo, in the direction Riserva dello Zingaro.

The peculiarity of this place is the convenience of having a slide to enter the water easily. I check my equipment and ... go. Ready to paddle in an immense stretch of calm water that extends throughout the Gulf of Castellammare.

in a canoe in the gypsy venus pond
Pond of Venus

My first goal is the little lake of Venus, so called because small faraglioni situated in a circle form a closed bay, a sort of pond with always calm waters. This corner of the coast is really enchanting, small stop and start.
The canoe goes fast south, along the so-called Sauci coast.

Just under a mile and arrive in the marine area of ​​the Riserva dello Zingaro.
First step Cala Tonnarella dell'Uzzo. It is wonderful to admire it coming from the sea. The show is completely different than when you arrive by land. Among other things, from the sea, appears larger and more scenic with high rock walls overlooking the sea that make it a curtain. Wonderful!

Even here a small stop, the next beach awaits me Cala dell'Uzzo. It is close and I get there in just a few minutes. This also surprises you with its beauty. The water is crystal clear and in the background, in all its grandeur the mysterious appears suddenly Uzzo cave. A cave inhabited by man in the Paleolithic.

I keep paddling towards Cala Marinella and then Cala Berretta. The warm sun and the blue sky, make me forget that we are in winter on any Sunday in January. It does not seem true.

Admiring the varied coastline of the Zingaro reserve is a feast for the eyes. Seagulls fly over the rocks overlooking the sea. They too seem surprised by the magnificent and unexpected sunny day.

I rest a bit 'in Cala Marinella and I can not but admire the pleasantness of this baby cala that today, deserted, seems all mine.

Cala Marinella in a canoe
Cala Marinella

Rise for Cala Berretta. It is located shortly thereafter. This beach is also welcoming. It is a very pronounced inlet that has the advantage of being well sheltered.

After having paddled for five miles, the effort is felt. It's time to come back. Alongside, this time without stopping, I reach the starting point. La Tonnara del Secco.

Arrival to the Secco tonnara
Arrival to the Secco tonnara

The effort made itself felt, but the experience was really exciting.
These places will enter your heart ... see you next time!


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