La Riserva dello Zingaro, the bandit Giuliano and the murder of the financier Vincenzo Mazzarella

reserve of the gypsy-band-Julian

Entering the Riserva dello Zingaro, from the side of Scopello, past the tunnel, following the path, just before arriving at the Naturalistic Museum, you will notice a small clearing with a white sign with a detailed description.

It is difficult to avoid it and not read it. This is the memory of the killing and of the Financier Vincenzo Mazzarella, fell 30 June 1948, at the age of 28 years, at the hands of criminals belonging to the infamous band Giuliano.

Not many know it, but the Riserva dello Zingaro for several years he was the hiding place of Salvatore Giuliano and his band.

A few years ago, among other things, the Guardia di Finanza Regional Command wanted to shed light on the crime that ended the life of the young financier from Caserta. Crime that for too many years was considered by unknown persons.

Investigators explore the coast during the investigations cala Capreria, for many stretches reachable only from the sea, until they identified an inlet that leads to a cave. At the bottom there was the den where the bandit Giuliano was hiding whenever the carabinieri looked for him along the paths of the Mountain of Sagana (Monreale).

A hiding place, difficult to reach from the ground. Inside the cave they found crates of flour, weapons and ammunition. The tangible proof of the presence of the famous bandit Giuliano.

reserve of the gypsy-band-Julian
Commemoration in the 70 anniversary - 2018

The text of the cartel

On this path, where you are today passing by, the 30 June 1948, the burst of miter by an outlaw of the Giuliano band, killed the young soldier of the finance guard, Vincenzo Mazzarella, who had fallen into his duty.
The creeks and coves of this territory, which made the natural reserve famous, hid the Saracen pirate ships a thousand years ago, but also the smugglers' boats until a few years ago.
The paths that mark the mountains and the caves that cultivated the civilization of prehistoric man were for a long time the refuge of brigands and hosted the bandit Giuliano.
Today the Zingaro is evidence of an extraordinary relationship between man and nature that has allowed these places to remain unaltered over time.
The industrious families who lived there and esteemed the young Casertan financier to whom they felt bound by the common peasant origins.
That day, at seven thirty in the morning, taquero the eagles and hawks that populated the sky of the Zingaro.
This rock, in front of which you stop, was for more than fifty years a silent witness of the sacrifice of Vincenzo Mazzarella.
Today he remembers it.

The sign in memory of the financier Vincenzo Mazzarella

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