A stamp for the Riserva dello Zingaro. It will be issued in the 2020 on the occasion of the 40 anniversary of the march to establish the reserve.

On the occasion of the 40 anniversary of the march that the 18 took place in May 1980 so that the construction works of a road that should have been joined were blocked Castellammare with San Vito Lo Capo, the 18 May of the 2020 a dedicated stamp will be issued.

The Ministry of Economic Development announced this with the postal card program.

The authors of the request to the Ministry were Valerio Cimino, governor of the 2110 Sicily and Malta District of Rotary International, and the past president of the Alcamo club, Girolamo Culmone, who is also the current president of the Commission for protection and environmental protection.

In the request for the issuance of the stamp Cimino and Culmone had underlined that "thanks to this" imposing "march by then, from there to a year, the first Sicilian reserve was established and the law also established other regional reserves and parks. That march brought to the attention of the regional legislator the need to protect the most beautiful areas of the territory so that, the following year, the Sicilian Region - with the Regional Law n. 98 del - sanctioned the birth of three parks and 19 reserves (today there are five regional parks, the reserves 76). The management of the reserves was entrusted to the provinces, to the state-owned forests, to the naturalistic associations, to the universities. The first national park law, the 6 law December 1991 n. 394, arrived only ten years later ".

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