A night in the Riserva dello Zingaro with the CAI of Erice

The Cai in the Riserva dello Zingaro

It was a memorable night, almost magical ...
wrapped in the silences of the Riserva naturale dello Zingaro, with the background of the undertow and under a beautiful starry sky in mid-November. All inebriated by the scents of the Mediterranean that from the cliff up to the peaks of this corner of paradise Sicily, which managed to save itself from overbuilding and modernity.
Here, time really seems to have stopped. Thus, in this truly unique context the members of the CAI Erice and Agroericino they spent the night in bivouac, to follow the first day of excursion conducted in the coastal path and in the median of the Riserva dello Zingaro up to Corvo lace. All together, gathered at refuge Falco of Contrada Sughero, reorganized and made available to the CAI by the Management of the Reserve for overnight stays.

Rifugio Falco in the Riserva naturale dello Zingaro

After placing backpacks, poles and sleeping bags in the Spartan space, it's time to recharge the energy around a beautiful table spread and lit by candles.
A very special dinner, made a partnership from the ritual of sharing food, however, very tasty grilled meats cooked grilled by the good chef Mauro, while the women of CAI have given to the dinners craft cakes such as pies and other delicacies, prepared at home and carried on their shoulders up to the bivouac inside their backpacks. And of course there was no lack of grappa and prestigious Erice wines to warm up on a mid-September night, with the winter beginning to knock on the door in Sicily.
But the Grecale did not discourage the CAI group, far from it. And between author's readings deep, meditated and commented by Rocco Chinnici and Monica Maria Cassetti, alpine songs, the evening spent in total harmony and profound well-being.

Dinner inside the shelter

Enveloped in nature and experiencing the joy of essentiality. Between the darkness of the night and the dim light of candles that lit up enough ... as we once lived in our rural homes.
All measured to the needs of man without excesses and technological superstructures. A "therapeutic" experience to do a night spent in bivouacs, in sleeping bags, without beds in a bathroom or electric light, or all the comforts offered by modernity, which "fully collects" to put it in the words of Angela Savalli, organizer of the excursions of Cai Erice - the spirit of living the mountain, in its simplicity, authenticity and solidarity. A night full of "memorable emotions".

The group then left to rest in the arms of Morpheus for a few hours of sleep in view of the excursion of the following day. Wake up to the group at dawn with an orange ray entangled by the window, and the fresh water pulled by hand from the well refreshed the group. After a robust breakfast this time we start to conquer the peak of Monte Speziale at an altitude of 900 meters. And it was the sunrise that gave good morning to the Cai walkers of Erice.
The sunrise seen from the Zingaro it is something indescribable, with the sun rising from the mountains of Palermo illuminating the Gulf of Castellammare and the mountain ridges towards Monte Inici, Monaco, Cofano, Sparagio and Erice, a moment full of charm, which gave the charge to face the second day of adventurous journey. This time in the Zingaro high-altitude side.

An excursion, led by Rocco Chinnici and Mauro Bannetta, quite difficult as a degree of difficulty (EE), which was felt on the legs of members and sympathizers of the CAI, who with the backpack and the poles have faced the ascent literally "kissed" by the sun, with the group accompanied by the good weather up to Mount Speziale, the highest peak, from where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Agro Ericino.
A view that embraces the summit of Inici, Mount Cofano and the mountain of Erice at 360 °, going into the Trapani hinterland. To the north, the look is all for the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea that is lost in the horizon. The ideal place to breathe deeply and let your mind go ... beyond all boundaries!

During the excursion there was also a magical encounter with the wild horses who live free in the highest and most impervious part of the Riserva dello Zingaro.
Even the descent from Mount Speziale was very beautiful and full of emotions ... "chased by the fog - said the partner of Cai Vittoria Minunno - and under a fresh rain to the drinking trough of Monte Acci. Mauro showed us the wolf's step and the dragon's crest coming down ... and then along the gully ... following the stream. We also stopped to see the caves. After the rain, along the stretch appeared the rainbow that has rewarded us from all the hard work ". Really a great ending. Which has given strong emotions to all the participants. "We shared a dream - these are the words of Roberta Zaccarini Fazio - that I had for a long time! Take a little trip with a backpack over our beautiful territory! It was beautiful but ... I left the desire to do it again ... "
Appointment, therefore, the next excursion ...

Text elaborated by Mario Torrente

Thanks to the Photogallery: Roberta Zaccarini Fazio, Angela Savalli, Monica Cassetti, Vitalba Lombardo, Salvo Torregrossa, Leda Amico

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