Welcome to the first Natural Reserve of Sicily

A path full of wonders. A Nature Reserve which begins with fascination, because the pleasure of adventure is already linked to the sound of its name: the Zingaro. A rise and fall of the coast, between the green of the vegetation and the blue-white transparency of the coves.

North entrance, San Vito Lo Capo side

Seven kilometers of untouched nature from San Vito Lo Capo a Castellammare del Golfo. The Zingaro Nature Reserve It is one of the very few in Sicily not to have a coastal road, although one had been planned.
The impetuosity of its beauty and the will of those who fought to keep it intact and wild, have allowed the suspension of work and the revocation of the loan. Therefore the Gypsy is also the work of the love of his people. It is the work of the love of us all, that by visiting it we respect its laws.

That you decide to follow it starting from San Vito Lo Capo or from Castellammare del Golfo, know that the breathtaking landscape of the Reserve will accompany you throughout the journey. And if you can not plan the whole trip, (approx 4 hours in all), it does not matter, because the extraordinary views are at every step.
A surface of 1650 hectares of calcareous land, for a coastal strip formed by rocky coast, intercalata by numerous coves.

Cala dell'Uzzo
Cala dell'Uzzo

Riserva dello Zingaro: a fantastic natural habitat

Rock and sea. Stone and water. The elements that come together give life to a mix of intense and soft colors at the same time. The coves, green-blue and white pebbles and the earth, red, so intrinsically linked to the sea.
The creeks, cool in the summer days, chase each other from the entrance of San Vito Lo Capo up to Castellammare del Golfo. The Tonnarella dell'Uzzo Cala dell'Uzzo e Cala Marinella, Cala Berretta, Cala della Disa, Cala del Varo e Cala Capreria.

The underwater landscape it is varied in shapes and colors. The Cystoseira Alga testifies to the purity of the water and the Lithoèhyllum tortuosum, red algae and frayed. In the seabed, other brown algae and floral-looking animals: anemones, sea roses and madrepores.
In the waters of the Reserve, labrids and blennids with colored liveries and the presence of the Troittor with vermeti, a shell-shaped mollusk shaped like a limestone tube that blends with the unique limestone masses creating a sidewalk on the water's surface.

Numerous le caves submerged and tunnels, like the Cave of the Colombaccio which extends into a large 30 mt room, and again, the Grotta della Corvina, Grotta della Capreria, Grotta della Mustia and della Ficarella.
A true paradise to explore for snorkelers.

The territory of the Zingaro Nature Reserve presents a great variety of environments of great naturalistic interest. Not far from it, Monte Cofano, imposing and majestic, isolated custodian of such beauty.

La vegetation the most widespread is the Dwarf palm, very dense in some parts, to leave space, in other parts, to a plant landscape dominated by aspects of ephemeral prairie, but also rosemary and carob, myrtle and almond. And then beautiful blooms: orchids, cornflowers of Sicily and cistus.

A multitude of forms animals populate the territory of the Reserve. L'Aquila del Bonelli, now a diminishing species, it reproduces regularly by laying one or two eggs, and other birds of prey, such as the barn owl and the owl. The gulls, on the water, the great tit among the shrubs, the very small wren.

Bonelli's eagle in flight on the Riserva dello Zingaro

Riserva dello Zingaro: a paradise for trekking lovers

But the Reserve welcomes especially guests fond of crystal clear waters and, although summer is the queen season for tourists, the Zingaro it is, even in the milder seasons, a place dear to hikers trekking and walk.

And, among bushes and paths, as well as rural villages, you will find five children Museums to visit: the Museum of Marine Activities, Peasant Civilization, Intertwining, Manna and the Naturalistic Museum. Ideal parks in autumn or spring. Places of an ancient memory and guardians of the local heritage.
Precious stones set in an evocative landscape that deserve a wide attention, as a traveler.


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